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How to change Oracle RESTful Data Service default port

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To change the port other than 8080 do the following:

  • go the to  which you will find under the home directory of restful data service where you downloaded and configured the ORDS
  • right click on  open with notepad or any other editor
  • change the jetty.port=7779    ( you can put any port as you like other than 8080)
  • Save and exit
  • Now run the ORDS sandalone typing the command
  • C:\ORDS> java -jar ords.war standalone 
  • type enter
  • Note: C:\ORDS>  this is the home directory of my machine's Restful data service. your home directory may be different
  • Open a browser window and type the below command to invoke apex ORDS
  • http://localhost:7779/ords
asked Oct 29, 2016 in ORDS- Oracle Restful Data Service by admin (2,850 points)
edited Oct 30, 2016 by admin

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