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How to use packaged application icon in Apex 5.0

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Those beautiful icons that has been used in the packaged applicaiton, you can easily use it in your own applicaiton


  1. Go "Shared Components" of your application 
  2. Go to User Interface section
  3. click on "User Interface Attributes" link button
  4. Navigate to "User Interface Tab" and click "Edit desktop" button
  5. Go to the "Cascading Style Sheets" tab
  6. Now type the below code in the "File URLs" text field.


         7. Now Apply changes


if you would like to see and apply icon in your log in page as an example then do the quick following task:

  1. Change your login page region template to "Login"    ( go to region property of login region and change template standard to Login from drop-down)
  2. Go to the Attribute section of your Login region and set the property of "Region Icon CSS Classes" as below:


          3. Apply changes

          Now run the applicaiton and you can see the region title the bug tracker logo is showing.

asked May 8, 2016 in Apex by admin (2,850 points)

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