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How to set combo box or Text field value by clicking link button in Apex

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In the above example: there is a combo box and under it there are several payment method assigned, but for quirck pick the value usually payment is done through credit card and paypall as an example, in this case you can click the action link button and set the combo box value accordingly.

To do so you have to do the following:

  • create a Select List item and type the list of value definition property, I have filled the definition using query as under :
       select PAYMETHODNAME as d, 
       PAYCODE as r
       order by paymethodname asc
  • Now you have to create action link button as many you like for quick pick up the combox value.
  • Go to the Select List / Combo box property
  • Go to the "Quick Pics" section and select the "Show Quick Picks = yes", by default this value assinged to "No"
  • you will see 2 grids of left hand side and right hand side.
  • Left hand side is the Label of the action link item and right hand side is the value return
  • you can create as many link button you like, but it should not be greater than the list of item in the combo box.
  • Remember the value return that you type in the right hand side it must be same value that combo box item returns.

Note: Similarly you can assign action link button for Text field as well.

you can find the live preview from the link below :


- Kamal (Admin)





asked Sep 14, 2013 in Apex by admin (2,850 points)
edited Sep 14, 2013 by admin

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